Getting Inspired with Inspire Cosmetics Experience Box

Inspire Cosmetics, Review
Getting Inspired with Inspire Cosmetics Experience Box

Subscription boxes are very exciting and sometimes they can also be a disappointment. Some subscription boxes only come with deluxe size samples of stuff we’ve already got a ton of and who really wants another body lotion or shampoo?! I prefer to know what to expect with a subscription box, so sneak peeks are always nice to see but what if you could choose the products that go into it? That makes things even more exciting! The Inspire Cosmetics Experience Box got me all kinds of excited and anxious because I got to choose what went into it before it came to me.

Getting Inspired with Inspire Cosmetics Experience Box

Inspire Cosmetics is a Canadian indie beauty brand that has a huge offering of makeup products. They’re all about making the process of putting on your makeup enjoyable and their mission is to also inspire women with the knowledge and confidence to successfully create and apply their makeup like a pro.

Getting Inspired with Inspire Cosmetics Experience Box

The Experience Box is a quarterly subscription box service that lets you choose a mix of full size products. The subscription box has different options for ordering so you get exactly what you want. You can choose between paying annually at a discounted rate of $256 or quarterly at $69.99 and you can select either 1 luxury item (a product valued at over $23) and 3 regular items or 2 luxury items and 2 regular items.

Getting Inspired with Inspire Cosmetics Experience Box

For this post, I actually got to try out 5 products to share with you guys. The first product is their Tinted Moisturizer ($45 / 30 ml) in Radiance. It’s a universal shade with SPF 15 that’s oil-free and contains vitamins C, E, and A. It’s also infused with hyaluronic acid that activates collagen to plump and lift the skin. The Tinted Moisturizer gives you that perfect lightweight, sun kissed, illuminated glow. The Corrector Sticks ($24.50) offer medium velvety coverage with SPF 18 that comes in six shades. It conceals, protects and nourishes with the help of shea butter and only a small amount of it goes a long way. The Two Way Powder ($29.50) sets your base makeup with an effortless coverage to make your skin look fresh and flawless. The powder is finely milled to ensure a silky smooth application and comes in six shades.

Getting Inspired with Inspire Cosmetics Experience Box

Sparkle, shimmer and shine with the Eye Lites ($18) loose powder eyeshadow dust. They come in four shades in a spill-proof jar that help you create a sparkling look which can be used in multiple ways. Create beat face brows with the Retractable Eyebrow Pencil ($19), which comes in four shades. It has a waterproof, vitamin-enriched formula with a spooley brush on one end to ensure your brows look perfect.

My Glittery Thoughts:

As my first true experience with a subscription box, I love that you can choose full size products and if you go with two luxury products and two regular products, you will be saving at least $15 compared to buying those products individually.

With universal shade tinted moisturizers, I always worry about it not working on my very pale skin but the Tinted Moisturizer actually just adds a touch of colour to give my skin a glow which looks perfect for summer. And I like that it’s really lightweight and contains SPF as well. I love that you can change the coverage of the Corrector Stick depending on what you’re trying to cover. I tried the lightest shade, Silky Beige, which has a bit of a warm tone to it which helps for concealing my dark circles and any redness.  You can sheer it out to a light coverage or build it up to a medium and I love that it contains SPF too. The Two Way Powder is a nice, coloured setting powder that I like applying under my eyes and on my T-zone to make sure my makeup looks good. Cream Beige is their lightest shade and it leans a bit neutral which I like since it doesn’t add any really cool or warm tones to my skin. I love my loose eyeshadows and fell in love with the Lemon/Lime shade. It looks stunning as a topper over an eyeshadow base and is very easy to apply and blend. I’m obsessed with brow products so I had high hopes for the Retractable Eyebrow Pencil and was very impressed by the Taupe brow pencil. I love not having to sharpen it and how the formula is pigmented and creamy and makes it easy to create fierce brows. Overall, I’m very impressed by these products and the Experience Box in general, which has led me to know now that you shouldn’t ignore what indie makeup brands (especially Canadian ones!) are doing these days because a lot of them are doing some very exciting things, like Inspire Cosmetics is with their subscription box!

And I want you guys to get inspired with me and check out Inspire’s huge selection of products, so I’m also offering a coupon code that gives you 10% off your first order! Just enter ‘ITSMYTREAT‘ when you’re ordering your products.

What do you think of the Inspire Cosmetics Experience Box?! Share your thoughts below!






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My Husband’s New & Approved Skincare Routine

Review, Vichy
My Husband's New & Approved Skincare Routine

Since I do get a lot of skincare products to try out, my skincare routine takes a bit more time to complete compared to your average person. I know my hubby isn’t that pleased about it since he likes spending time with me and I’m in the bathroom for 20 or so minutes going through my routine steps. It’s hard to get him going on his own skincare routine since I’ve only really been able to get him to regularly use face cleansers and that’s it.

I recently got a box full of Vichy Normaderm products that I knew wouldn’t work for my dry skin but would work really well on his oily/acne prone skin. This was my opportunity to get him started on something that was more than just a simple cleanser but didn’t add many additional steps to make it a hassle for him. It was a success ladies! Here’s my husband’s new and approved skincare routine.

Vichy’s Normaderm line keeps pimples, blackheads and shine under control that covers everything from cleansers to makeup. My hubby received four products to try out which included the Deep Cleansing Purifying Gel, the Cleansing Mattifying Foam, the Skin Balance Anti-Oiliness Aquagel and the Corrective Anti-Acne Treatment.

My Husband's New & Approved Skincare Routine

From L-R: Deep Cleansing Purifying Gel & Cleansing Mattifying Foam

The Deep Cleansing Purifying Gel ($19.95 / 200 ml / Available at Mass Drugstores) is formulated with LHA, salicylic and glycolic acid for skin that’s prone to breakouts, dilated pores and excessive shine. It’s a gentle soap-free and alcohol-free cleansing gel that deep cleans sebum and impurities without drying or irritating the skin. The ingredients in it have purifying, anti-bacterial and keratolytic properties to help prevent new breakouts from happening. The Cleansing Mattifying Foam ($19.95 / 150 ml / Available at Mass Drugstores) is a very effective mattifying cleansing foam for cleansing away excess sebum and impurities without irritating and leaves the skin feeling soft and matte, not tight.

My Husband's New & Approved Skincare Routine

From L-R: Corrective Anti-Acne Treatment & Skin Balance Anti-Oiliness Aquagel

The Skin Balance Anti-Oiliness Aquagel ($19.95 / 40 ml / Available at Mass Drugstores) is a lightweight moisturizer that offers the perfect balance of hydration and oil control in a cool, new aquagel texture. The formula gives your skin a purified and fresh sensation while mattifying and reducing the size of your pores. The Corrective Anti-Acne Treatment ($29.95 / 50 ml / Available at Mass Drugstores) has a formula that combines 1.5% Salicylic Acid, LHA, Phe Resorcinol and Air Licium Technology to treat and prevent signs of acne, blackheads, shine, visible pores, pimples and acne marks. It comes in a very light aerogel formula to give the skin a soft focus, mattified finish that lasts for 24 hours.

My (Hubby’s) Glittery Thoughts:

As someone who has used body wash to cleanse his face, he noticed the difference almost immediately when he tried the foam and gel cleansers. His favourite of the two was the gel cleanser because he could really get it lathered up on his face and his skin felt great afterwards. He has a job where he spends a lot of time running around so the aquagel helps with making sure his skin doesn’t feel or get oily throughout the day. His favourite product out of the collection was the Corrective Anti-Acne Treatment because it has visibly reduced the redness from old acne, reduced his pores, and takes care of new flare ups. I can’t get him to totally change his ways when it comes to skincare but he has definitely found some new favourites that he will be heading to Shoppers Drug Mart for once he runs out!

What do you think of my husband’s new & approved skincare routine? Have you tried anything from the Vichy Normaderm line?! Share your thoughts below!






Disclosure: These products were provided for editorial consideration, however these are my honest opinions.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Skin Booster Review

MUFE, Review
Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Skin Booster Review

More and more makeup brands are expanding their product lines into skincare. It makes sense since, in order to get your makeup to look amazing, you have to use the right skincare products beforehand. Make Up For Ever is one of the latest makeup brands to do that with their new Ultra HD Skin Booster.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Skin Booster ReviewThe Ultra HD Skin Booster is a hydrating face serum gives your skin a plumped look while hydrating to smooth the appearance of fine lines and, of course, prepping the skin for makeup. The formula is rich in hyaluronic acid and argan oil extract to instantly hydrate your skin. It comes with an expertly designed dropper applicator that provides just the right amount of products. Your skin will be left looking smooth and illuminated, and the perfect canvas for makeup application.

Price: $51 / 12 ml / Available now at Sephora

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Skin Booster ReviewMy Glittery Thoughts:

I think it’s a genius idea for makeup brands to add more skincare to their lines. They know what would make their makeup shine even brighter and look even better so I hope this is only the first of many skincare products from Make Up For Ever. The serum is very lightweight and sinks into the skin perfectly. I think it performs the best on drier skin and might feel like too much for someone who’s oily. The only issue I have with it is its size. I’m very particular when using it because it contains only 12 ml, so I try to only use it for when I really need my makeup to look bomb. Other than that, I love how it makes the dryness around my nose that’s due to allergies go away so the foundation I put on goes on smoothly and doesn’t enhance any dryness. If you don’t mind the size and are looking for something to hydrate and smooth out your skin so your makeup looks amazing, I would definitely check out the Ultra HD Skin Booster!

What do you think of the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Skin Booster? Do you like that more makeup brands are adding skincare to their product lines?! Share your thoughts below!






Disclosure: This product was received for editorial consideration, however these are my honest opinions.