My Favourite Scents Of The Summer!

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There are certain perfumes I reach out for during this time of the year. I’m a fan of anything vanilla smelling and also anything fruity. I’ve racked up quite the perfume collection but these three are my absolute favourite fragrances to wear this summer!

Victoria’s Secret’s Noir Tease EDP: It’s an enchanting blend of black vanilla, frozen pear and blooming gardenia. I LOVE the smell of the vanilla mixed with fruity elements. It’s not a strong scent either and it smell of it lasts quite some time. This perfume is for anyone who loves a combination of the two! I’m thinking of grabbing the body mist version of it soon!

Comptoir Sud Pacifique’s Vanille Extreme EDT: More intense than Vanille Passion, this Vanille scent is sweet, warm, and spicy. I’ve been looking for a great vanilla fragrance and saw Kandee Johnson mention it in one of her videos and I knew I had to scope this one out! And like I imagined it would be, it was love at first smell! I recommend this fragrance to anyone who’s a diehard vanilla fan as that’s exactly what you get, nothing more. It’s perfect to wear when you’re out at the beach or out on date night.

Escada’s Moon Sparkle EDT: A fruity floral fragrance, with sparkling strawberry and red apple notes. I’ve been following Escada’s fragrance line for a while and NOTHING has compared to this one! I love this one so much that I’ve been savouring every last drop. From the fruity top notes right down to the base notes of sandalwood and amber is complete perfection for me! It came out in 2007 so I know it’s quite hard to find but if you ever find it on ebay, I say go for it! You won’t be disappointed!

What fragrances are YOU reaching for this season?!

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