Stila Fabulous in Fiji Girl Travel Palette Review & Swatches

This palette by Stila Cosmetics has become a perfect addition to my collection of easy to travel with face palettes I've been using for the summer. The size of the palette is quite small so it's easy to tote around and the colours are so vibrant and tropical! This palette was part of a Girl Travel Palette collection of five that came out last year. I wish I had the chance to buy the other palettes because this one has me impressed!

I bought this a couple weeks ago at Winners, so I'm not too sure if there are many available to buy anymore. I really wanted to do a post on this cute palette since the eyeshadows are quite impressive and the convertible color is gorgeous, so if you do get the opportunity to buy this one, go for it!

This cool-toned palette includes:

R&R - a light blue eyeshadow
Palm - a green eyeshadow
Escape - a blue eyeshadow
Wave - a navy blue eyeshadow


Plumeria - a copper bronze convertible color

The eyeshadows that I was impressed with the most were Palm and Wave because the moment I tapped my fingers in both of them, I was amazed by the pigmentation and vibrancy. I was afraid that Wave especially wouldn't swatch well because it is a bit matte but it really impressed me when both applied to my arm as well as on the eyes with a soft, fluffy brush. R&R swatched as a bluish-white, so I don't see how it could be called a light blue.

The convertible color is nice and works well with my light skin tone as a bronzer that can be builded upon. This bronzey cream is perfect for me as I know it will last throughout this humid weather we're having.

This palette is, like the name!, fabulous and I will be showcasing a few of the colours in an upcoming FOTD! I've been loving the Stila products I've been picking up lately and have my eye on a few items I need to pick up soon at Sephora which I will definitely be giving reviews on once I get them. And if anyone has recently seen any of the other palettes in this collection at Winners, let me know as I'm dying to try them! 


  1. Totally! The colours really pop! Can't wait to post a FOTD using them :)


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