Mini NYX Haul!

Hey Everyone!

Over the long weekend I ventured over to Bramalea City Centre to check out the new stores and the expansion. I'm originally from Brampton but haven't been to that mall in 5 or so years so it was definitely weird lol. I ran into a couple people that I went to school with and I thought I wouldn't be too impressed with the changes that have been made since my last visit, but I was wrong! This mall is massive and soo much bigger than what I had remembered it to be. It used to hold so many memories for me but with the new makeover, it's barely recognizeable.

I noticed a cosmetic store while walking around and had to further inspect what it was all about. There were a couple baskets of Essie and OPI nail polishes on sale for a great deal and almost the complete collection of NYX makeup & accessories! The Rexall near my place barely replenishes any of their NYX stuff so I felt like a kid in a candy store with all the NYX! I ended up picking up a couple Jumbo Eye Pencils (LOVE them!) and a couple lipsticks and am planning my next trip to head on over there again for more shopping!

Here's what I picked up:

Cottage Cheese: Pearly white and not as opaque as "Milk" is. This is a great JEP to use for a more natural, light eyeshadow look. It also looks great in the tearduct area!

Yogurt: Brownish pearly pink and would work really well as a base for a brown smokey eye or even a neutral eyeshadow look!

Top: Cottage Cheese
Bottom: Yogurt

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils are amazing not only for the price but the quality is great! I'm trying to collect them all because they are great eyeshadow bases. They don't budge or cause any creasing and the eyeshadows applied on top go on super smoothly and end up looking even brighter. These have garnered HG status for me and I highly recommend them!

Strawberry Milk l/s: I kind of expected this lipstick to look like Harmonica, but it's always nice to be pleasantly surprised! It's a very pretty baby pink colour that I can't wait to rock!

Harmonica l/s: Pinkish nude in colour that would look great with a nice smokey eye.

Top: Strawberry Milk
Bottom: Harmonica

I have been on the hunt for a casual black blazer for a while now and stopped into Urban Planet to press my luck. I've had one good shopping experience at this store while the other times were complete fails but at this location they had so much stuff! I was able to pick up a sweet looking blazer for $30 and a cute animal print scarf! I'm quite picky with my scarfs but this one was a hit for me!

Along with the HUGE 2-storey Forever 21, this mall is pretty awesome now and I'm glad I finally went to check it out!


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