MUFE Aqua Creams Review + Swatches

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Trying to find a versatile product that can be used in different ways? Well, have you tried Make Up For Ever's Aqua Creams? These creams come in different colours as well as metallics. If you're looking for great waterproof eyeshadow bases or even some vibrant cheek and lip colours, these aqua creams are worth a look and will be 40% off at this year's IMATS in Toronto!

Before choosing the colours you would like to go with, it's important to make sure you know which colours are recommended for what areas. For instance, the pink/coral and red shades are only to be used on the cheeks and lips, whereas the deeper colours and metallics are to be used on the cheeks and eyes. I love that what you see in the jar is what you get when you swatch it. These aqua creams have a long-lasting formula that is suppose to prevent creasing or smudging, even in extreme weather conditions. 

The fuchsia cream has really pretty gold shimmer in it, so I can definitely see myself wearing this as a nice lip colour! The red cream is a tomato red when you apply it so it would look great on those especially with a warmer skin tone! Anthracite looks like a black in the jar but when you swatch it, it looks like a really dark grey - perfect for the base of a smokey eye! Unfortunately after looking at my swatches, I noticed that Purple wasn't swatched as thick as the others, so please don't think it's not as pigmented as the others because it really is!

R - L: 1 - Anthracite, 3 - Silver, 7 - Fuchsia, 8 - Red, 11 - Gold, 13 - Warm Beige

R - L: 15 - Taupe, 19 - Purple, 20 - Intense Blue, 22 - Emerald Green

To ensure you're getting a perfect eyeshadow base, make sure to apply eye cream, as well as moisturizer to your face if you plan on using one on your cheeks, so that the cream goes on smoothly without attaching itself to any dry spots. It's important to work fast with these creams because they can dry very quickly. Once applied to one lid (it's recommended to do one lid at a time) start blending it in to prevent the cracking/dried effect. It's recommended that you apply these in an area that's room temperature. I've applied these in a room where it was a bit cool and the cream does not react well to that.

These aqua creams are $25 CAD individually, but at IMATS Toronto they will be $15 each!! Amazing deal!!

Hope everyone is having a very happy Halloween! I'm going to be watching the Ghost Hunters Halloween special! I love me some paranormal activity! hehe



  1. Thanks for posting Kelly! I have the intense blue one and LOVE it, great deal at the show maybe I'll pick up a couple more colours :)

  2. You're welcome Elaine! I thought it would be a good idea to review something that everyone will get a chance to buy for a great deal at IMATS!

  3. wow you've got a nice collection of the Aqua Creams! I only have a few but may be picking up more at IMATS. So many great colours!

  4. OMG I think my list just got bigger! :s


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