Lancome Hydra-Intense Masque Review!

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The weather is getting colder and my skin is always in need of a hydrating face mask at this time of year, so that's why I recently picked up Lancome's Hydra-Intense Masque to try out!

Cold weather and dry skin do not mix well. It emphasizes fine lines and makes your skin feel tight and itchy - so not fun! I love buying different face masks to try out, whether it's a peeling mask, clay mask, or a homemade one, I love them! This is the time of year where skincare maintenance is vital. Harsh, dry winds, dropping temperatures and getting a cold will leave your skin looking less than fresh, so I always make sure to keep up on my skincare routine.

The masque has a gel like consistency but isn't too thick and has a light rose fragrance to it. If you're sensitive to smells, I would suggest trying it out at one of the Lancome counters to see if you're okay with it. The directions recommend that you apply a thick layer and wait 5 minutes before taking it off with a tissue or warm wash cloth. 

After I took the masque off, my face felt really smooth and refreshed. It took a bit to take off the masque as it really sticks to the skin. I topped it off with my night cream to keep the moisture locked in all night. This is just what I need right now since cold weather and my skin are not friends! hehe.. Sometimes my skin can get a little sensitive to certain products but this one didn't bother my skin at all so I'm looking forward to using it some more! I bought the Normal/Combination one so I would recommend those with normal to dry skin should try it out and see what they think. However, I would say to try a sample of it out first if you have sensitive, oily or very dry skin. Do I think there are masks out there that give better hydration/results? Yes, so if you're looking for the be all and end all, I wouldn't say that this has been the best one I've ever come across.

GD Rating: 7.5/10

The Hydra-Intense Masque is available at Lancome counters at Sears for $40.

I would love to know what face masks YOU like using to help hydrate your skin! I love building up my skin care collection with great products!


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  1. I'm with you, I have dry skin as well and as the weather gets colder, it gets drier. I haven't tried many masks, but I find exfoliating and a rich moisturizer really helps.


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