NOTD: Fun With Fuchsia Glitter Nails!

Hey Glitter Babes!

Revlon recently came out with a few hot nail polishes that contain small and bigger glitter specks in them. I fell in love with a few and really wanted to come back with a great NOTD post featuring one of Revlon's fabulous new shades!

Facets of Fuchsia has a black (though it looks like a dark eggplant shade when applied) nail polish colour base with purple and fuchsia glitter. It's a great shade for fall/winter. I like how the glitter jazzes up the black so it's really wearable! I prefer showing you guys NOTD posts with interesting nail polish combinations or new nail polishes so this one definitely caught my eye because it looks like two polishes in one!

With this nail polish, you won't be able to strategically apply where the glitter is going to go. But, I like that it lies on different spots on all my nails. I found that a couple coats gave me the right amount of colour and glitter and I topped it off with Orly's Nail Defense because my nails are really brittle and it helps make my nail polishes last longer without the chips!



  1. I saw this polish in walmart and was tempted to pick it up now i must have it!

  2. It's pretty hot, isn't it?! hehe


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