essence Ready For Boarding Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hi Guys!

essence is a new cosmetic brand that Shoppers Drug Mart has started selling this year. I knew I wanted to try it out but never got around to picking something up so when I found their Ready for Boarding Eyeshadow Palette, the colours enticed me to take a chance and pick it up as a start to get more aquainted with their products.

The Ready for Boarding collection came out in the summer and not only includes this palette but, hand & body wipes, kajal pencils, lip & cheek creams and nail polishes, among other cute items. I was a little late to the game as I was only able to purchase the palette and one of the lip & cheek creams about a week ago at a reduced price. Yes, the colours in this palette are cool and very summerry but that doesn't mean that it can't be used at this time of year especially if you're going away on vacation to somewhere warmer. This palette, along with everything else, is attended for travel, hence the name of the collection being Ready for Boarding and it's cute and compact size (it's no bigger than the palm of your hand).

In this palette, you get 6 eyeshadows and I wasn't sure if the quality was going to be up to par when I started swatching them since the palette is quite small but MAN! These shadows BLEW me away! I was definitely not expecting each shade to come out strikingly, shimmery and beautifully pigmented. All of them applied super smoothly and bright.

From left to right, the palette includes:

Pale yellow
Mint green
Light baby blue
Creamy white
Medium bronze-brown

You also get a little step-by-step guide on how to apply the colours but of course you are free to improvise and create your own unique looks. The mint green shade is unlike anything I've ever seen/own and is such a unique, beautiful colour. That colour was the stand out shade for me and the bronzey shade was another one that looks oh-so-gorgeous on the lids! I'm seriously in love with this palette and wish it was spring/summer so I could use it every day. But having said that, I think the silvery-white, the creamy white and the bronzey shade can easily still be used during this time of year because they don't necessarily scream "summer colours".

Top Row: Silvery-White, Pale Yellow, Mint Green
Bottom Row: Light Baby Blue, Creamy White, Medium Bronze-Brown

I will definitely be bringing this with me when I go away for the holidays. I think the mint green, the yellow and the baby blue colours would look killer on the eyes against a nice tan, don't you think?! ;)I'm still deciding where I want to go.. although I know it will definitely be some place warm! I highly recommend that if you don't have this palette and can find it still at Shoppers, you should really go check it out! essence is super affordable and this palette is worth every penny.

Have you bought/seen this palette yet? If so, what do you think of it?!

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  1. I absolutely love essence products! Love the colouring on you.

  2. Hey Ashley! Mind blowing quality, isn't it?! :)


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