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As you know, I'm a huge fan of anything by Beachbody. They are a company that distributes many different (and amazing) exercise programs that range from one month to a few months to complete. I love a challenge and have recently been feeling a little like I was stuck in a rut with my usual workout routine when I was contacted by a marketing representative for Beachbody Canada about reviewing Brazil Butt Lift. I wanted to make sure this was just as much of a workout as the other programs have been before promoting it to you guys to check out. I wanted to be sure that the results were no joke and the effort required to get through each workout would be at the same level of intensity as well. I have officially been using this workout program for just over 2 weeks now which is the halfway mark and wanted to share my thoughts on Brazil Butt Lift so far!

Here's a little bit of background on Brazil Butt Lift:

Leandro Carvalho is the creator of the Brazil Butt Lift. Hailing from Brazil, where the women are known for their curvy bodies and round butts, he wanted to provide the tricks required in Brazil Butt Lift to obtain a fabulous behind that seems to come so naturally for Brazilian women. This is only a 30-day workout program! I've tried programs that have been 60 and 90 day's long, so this is definitely the perfect thing for someone to try especially if they can't commit to something longer. Of course, you're invited to continue after the 30 days are up and use their Classic workout program to keep seeing more results. With this program being only 30 days long, that doesn't mean it's going to be easy! There are many days scheduled for you where you will have to do two workouts instead of just one. This program is meant to help you see results VERY soon so keep that in mind while you're doing this!

Leandro's secret to a fabulous booty is his TriAngle Training technique. You may think that doing some squats will be enough to do the trick, but you're wrong! TriAngle Training targets all the angles of the booty to help create the perfect, rounded shape. There are three muscles that need to be targeted in order to achieve this: the gluteus maximus (the largest muscle that can be found at the front of your butt), the gluteus medius (this muscle can be found under the gluteus maximus on the outer surface of the hips) and the gluteus minimus (the smallest muscle that lies underneath the gluteus maximus that helps you achieve that lifted look). These muscles are targeted along with the hamstrings and saddlebag areas to give you a firm, shapely and lifted backside with a toned lower back and thighs to go along with it.

Price: $69.99 CAD at Shoppers Drug Mart, Sears, Target and London Drugs.

Before getting started, you need to find out your butt type to help you figure out where your problems lie and what program will work best for you.

1. Too Flat or Square - If your rump lacks shape and volume, you should follow the Lift & Shape calendar which is all about volumizing and firming for a more rounder appearance.

2. Pear Shape - If you've got larger hips and stubborn saddlebags, your booty will benefit most from the Slim & Shape calendar which infuses cardio and toning routines to slim the sides as well as the behind for a more slim, shapely figure.

3. Too Big - If you've got extra meat to your bones and backside and are looking to slim down and get into better shape, then the Slim & Lift calendar is recommended because it will help maximize fat burning and help you form a lean, mean booty and body.

4. Combination - If you can't decide on just one type and think you have a little bit of everything, then the Classic calendar will work a little bit of everything to give you the bum you've always dreamed of!

You can also try the Pencil Test to see how much lift your butt already has. Place a pencil flat against where the bottom of your butt meets your thigh and see if the pencil stays in place or doesn't. Depending on your results, you'll notice the pencil eventually will fall to the floor as your bum gets firmer and more lifted as the days go on!

After you figure out the right workout calendar to follow and have tried the pencil test, you should measure yourself to give you your 'before' measurements so you can track your progress throughout the program and now you're ready to get started!

The Brazil Butt Lift package includes a bunch of things to incorporate into your customized program:

Booty Makeover Guide - This is where you'll find your customized calendar to follow each day as well as how to determine your booty type and more great information.

Fat Burning Foods - Need meal ideas to help ensure that your hard work doesn't fade? With this booklet, you'll get a ton of easy-to-follow recipes that work perfectly alongside the workout plan for extra fat burning help!

6-Day Supermodel Slimdown - Want to see results show up even faster? If you have the discipline in you to try the 6-day supermodel slimdown, the meal plan and workout will 6lbs and 6 inches in just 6 days!

Triangle Training Workout Cards - On the go often? About to take a trip and do some travelling? Don't fear that your hard work will be put on hold if you're too busy to take the dvd set with you because these workout cards will give you step-by-step instructions on how to master Leandro's signature moves wherever you might be.

Measurement Tracker Card and Measuring Tape - Basic necessities to help you track your progress.

Resistance Band - Provides you with extra resistance for your lower half in helping tone hard-to-reach areas.

What You Need To Get - Depending on where you are fitness wise, you'll need to get anywhere from a 3lb set of hand weights or up to, if you're confident enough in your strength, 10lb hand weights. Ankle weights are also required for floor work that's involved. So, it's also helpful if you have a floor mat handy as well.

The Workouts

Booty Basics: Leandro shares his signature moves and proper form that will help you get the most out of your workouts. This introductory DVD is a must-see for everyone (approx. 20 mins)

Bum Bum: Leandro's signature workout (named after the Brazilian slang for butt) is an intense cardio and lower body sculpting program. This high-energy sequence of hand picked moves is straight from his standing-room only classes in New York City. (approx. 35 mins)

High & Tight: Make your butt literally high and tight. This routine focuses on all of those stubborn trouble zones: the hips, but and saddlebags. Leandro uses standing moves and floor work with ankle weight and booty resistant bands to take your bum bum to new heights. (approx. 35 mins)

Sculpt: Leandro takes you through a total-body weighted workout with a sexy Brazilian twist to sculpt your entire body and especially your butt. Look like a sexy supermodel - lean and tones without the bulk.

Cardio Axe: Leandro's fat-burning dance and booty-shaking signature axe (pronounced "ah-shay") moves to deliver all-over slimming results fast. Feel like you're dancing on the streets of Brazil during Carnival! (approx. 30 mins)

Tummy Tuck: Flatten your abs fast with this 20-minute tummy toner. Leandro's special ab-sculpting series will soon have you searching for that string bikini at the bottom of your dresser drawer. (approx. 20 mins)

My Thoughts & Results So Far..

It's been 2 weeks now and I definitely see and feel a change in my backside. But not only that, but I feel like I've gained more muscle in my arms and shoulders and can see more ab definition. I've already lost around 8 lbs and a few inches in my chest, stomach and hip areas.

I found that Cardio Axe had the least workout intensity out of all of them. But with that, I suggest that you focus on maintaining a tight core and butt while you do it and really get into the moves and make it challenging and you will still feel it and the sweat will really start to fall!

I love the challenging squats and lunges you are faced with in Bum Bum. I had a hard time keeping up with this workout when I first had to do it and when it ended, I felt like I was about to collapse! lol..

High & Tight is another great lower body workout especially because it involves bands and ankle weights. You have to push really hard during it because there's a lot of resistance with both pieces of equipment you will be using and it awakens muscles in the thighs and butt that you never knew you had!

Sculpt is so much fun because you are using hand weights, so you can challenge yourself with either 3lb weights or, if you're comfortable with it, you can use 8lb-ers. This workout really tests your upper body strength while giving your lower half more of a break, which is good for variety and keeping the weight loss and firming going.

I get so excited when my day is scheduled to include Tummy Tuck because it involves so many different exercises for the abs that I've never even thought to try before. I love that Brazil Butt Lift is connected to every body part to make sure that in the end, your butt is not the only thing looking amazing!

I get so pumped by a workout program that leaves me lying on the floor out of exhaustion and drenched in sweat and I definitely got it with Brazil Butt Lift. I thought that, since I'm a cardio lover, my body wouldn't take to the idea of doing things at a slower pace but it's the effort that you put behind it and the techniques you're given to replicate that make all the difference. I highly recommend this workout program to anyone who wants, of course, a nice firm tush but also enjoys a good challenge and is looking for something short-term. And if you're already a Beachbody fan like me, you will love this one just as much as the others! I will be reporting my final thoughts and results in an upcoming H&FF post so be sure to look out for that!

This October, Beachbody and Rethink Breast Cancer have been challenging Canadians to shape, lift and firm their behinds with Brazil Butt Lift during Breast Cancer Awareness month. From October 1 – 31, Beachbody will donate $2.00 to Rethink Breast Cancer from the sale of each Brazil Butt Lift DVD fitness program sold in Canada. If you are interested in this fitness program, I HIGHLY recommend you purchase it by the end of October because these donations are going to research, education and support for young women going through it. To find out more about Rethink Breast Cancer, check out their website at: http://rethinkbreastcancer.com.

For more information on Brazil Butt Lift and Beachbody, you can find their website at: http://beachbody.com.

Just like Leandro Carvalho says many times within this program, "Don't Settle For Less" and go out and give this workout program a try!

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