Health & Fitness Friday: Pre-Holiday Dieting Tips!

Hi Guys!

I didn't want to use the term 'dieting' for this but it's the best way to describe the necessary steps I take in order to prepare for all of the dinners, buffets, and sweet snacking that will occur during the holiday season. You're basically shooting yourself in the foot if you're only going to go into the season without preparing your body for what is bound to happen. It's already begun for everyone in the US and I know I will hear all about my family's Thanksgiving festivities sooner or later but for us Canadians, we still do have some time to prepare ourselves. Even if you live south of the border, there is no point in giving up just yet either! So, here are my tricks and tips for pre-holiday dieting!

Tip 1: I love, love, love carbs. Hand me a plate of pasta and I am completely satisfied. But, you will be faced with a lot of carb loaded goodies soon enough, so I like the idea of trading regular spaghetti with spaghetti squash! It's so very healthy and tastes a whole lot like the real thing and you can go ahead and enjoy it without that bloated and guilty feeling afterwards. If you cannot picture your time before all of the holiday feasting without some pasta here and there, opt for whole wheat noodles and make sure you keep your portion at a modest size.

Tip 2: If you like indulging in the many alcoholic holiday drinks that get passed around, prepare your body beforehand with tons of water, water, water! Not only will it give your skin a beautiful hydrated glow but help make sure your stomach is properly hydrated for the de-hydrating cocktails that you are bound to consume. Try to use a water bottle and take it everywhere with you as a reminder to keep drinking and refilling. And make sure while you are drinking during the holidays to chase your drinks with water to keep everything balanced!

Tip 3: There's no excuse not to have fruits and vegetables in your diet all year round, but this is the perfect time to really focus on eating them more. Eating more of them, especially leafy greens, will give your body a natural cleanse and help to remove all of the junk that's built up over time. You'll feel a lot better, as well as look it, and ready for the holidays!

Tip 4: I know it's easier said than done but this is probably the time when your office mates are bringing in chocolates and various sweets for everyone to dive into but I have to remind you - RESIST THE URGE! Keep those delicious treats more than an arms length away from you and out of sight. You've heard of the saying "Out of sight, out of mind"? This is the perfect opportunity to use it and try to work at keeping your fingers glued to your keyboard or phone and your mind focused on the fact that you will be getting your fill of all of that stuff when the parties start happening, so it's better to not add even more guilt to what will be taking place then, am I right?!

Tip 5: And since we're on the topic of sweets and snacking, I wanted to offer some great substitutes to help you fend off those evil cravings ;) If you are craving something sweet like a piece or two or candy, why not go for a bowl of strawberries and pineapple? The natural sugars from these fruits will satisfy your sweet tooth, like they do mine, and help you forget about the initial craving for something not-so-healthy. Or maybe you're craving something salty, like a bag of chips? Well then, have you tried any of the varieties of healthy alternatives that have recently become so accessible? My favourite chip alternatives to help my salt cravings are Pop Chips and CheeCha  Potato Puffs. Both of these brands come in a variety of flavours and taste soo similar to the real thing that you won't even think twice about the fact that they're much healthier.

I know it's so hard to resist treats and over-snacking, especially with all of the holiday commercials filling up air time on TV these days pushing you to indulge, it's better to prepare your body for what's to come rather than piling it on weekend after weekend or throughout the following weeks. You don't want to look back and regret that you got a little carried away with all of it too early on and now have that much more to do (eating right, working out, etc.) to make up for it.

I hope you guys are really enjoying all of the 'Black Friday' sales going on this weekend. I hope I get to take part in it this weekend even though I'm not particularly set on getting certain items. I still have to see if I can find a dress for my work's Christmas party next weekend. I've got a dress to wear on stand-by if I don't find anything, but I'm hoping I'll be able to find a great deal on a real knock out piece! Wish me luck ;)

How are you preparing for all of your upcoming holiday parties? What are your tricks and techniques to making sure you stay healthy and fit?!

Hugs, Kisses & Glitter,


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