Health & Fitness Friday (Holiday Edition!): How to Stay Holiday Party Fabulous

Hi Guys!

I know a lot of holiday parties have already taken place for a lot of you and I'm sure tonight, as well as for the rest of the week, there are more to attend. You may be faced with a huge four course meal or a buffet style party. Last year during Christmas time, I over indulged a little too much and this year I've promised myself to learn from last year's mistakes and make healthier food decisions. It's so easy to fall into the trap of losing sight of how much of the not-so-healthy stuff you're taking in as opposed to the food on the tables and trays that are healthy options. Here are my tips and tricks for getting through all of your holiday parties guilt-free!

Skip Dark Meat!

It has twice as much saturated fat than white meat and you get less meat with it too. If you go for white meat instead, the portions are much more plentiful, will fill you up and will make you feel more satisfied in the end.

Skip Canned Cranberries

Fresh cranberries are a great low calorie and high fibre side to have at any of your holiday parties, but if canned cranberries are being served - skip it! They contain way more sugar per 1/2 cup.

Go with Meatless Stuffing!

Meat adds unnecessary calories. Look out for healthy stuffing to eat that contain things like nuts, mushrooms and apples.

Don't Show Any Skin
..On your plate that is! Leave out the skin from the turkey or chicken you're going to be having as there is no nutritional value in it whatsoever and is only pure fat!

Load Up on the Veggies

Fill up your plate with more veggies than anything else and you won't be tempted to add carbs because you'll already be full ;)

Pass on the Bread

I know it's hard for me to pass on a baguette, especially when the smell wafts into the room after being warmed but (if you can!) pass on it because it's only going to make you feel sluggish, bloated and feeling crummy.

Stick with a Small Piece of the Pie

There's no reason why you shouldn't indulge in a delicious sweet treat at the end of a delicious holiday feast but keep the portion to a small size. Usually when pies or cakes aren't already cut, you can ask for a specific size so stick with a small size that's just enough to satisfy your craving but not enough to make you feel guilty afterwards.

Take It Easy on the Drinks

I know it doesn't feel like the holidays without having a drink or two, so try to avoid any mixed drinks or frozen cocktails as they usually are loaded up with sugar and too many calories! But, if you're going to, just be sure to have some water handy so you can keep your body properly hydrated!

Christmas 2008 where I hit up the sweets a little too much, lol!

I hope this list of holiday feasting do's and don't's has helped some of you guys make better choices throughout the season. I know it's hypocrital of me to tell you to absolutely avoid anything sweet and satisfying because I know I will have my share. But as long as you monitor how much of it you're eating, you will feel more in control of how you're going to look and feel afterwards and you'll be able to start off the new year without all of that added stress. It's Christmas Eve and I'm working all day today.. -__- I've been working non-stop lately as I have been (inserting announcement here) doing makeup part-time, which is really keeping me busy! I've got tomorrow and Boxing Day off and I'm literally counting down the hours till I can have my first sleep in days where I don't have to wake up by a certain time! I've got some family get togethers lined up this week and I'm also hoping to get some great boxing day/week deals. I hope all of you are enjoying or about to enjoy a wonderful holiday and will have tons of fun and stay safe :)

What are your plans for the holidays? What have you done so far?!

Hugs, Kisses & Glitter,


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