Let's Meet Up at Carassauga 2013!

Carassauga 2013
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Hi Guys!

I've been attending Carassauga, a HUGE multicultural festival in Mississauga, for a few years now. I'm really into experiencing different cultures and trying different foods and I'm really looking forward to this year's festival taking place this weekend from May 24-26 and if any of you guys will be in attendance, come seek me out!

To give you a little bit of a background on Carassauga.. if you buy passports ($10 in advance or $12 at the door), you will get to "travel the world" within Mississauga to 28 pavillions which represent 72 cultures. You'll get to learn more about the culture as well as take in some great entertainment, shop for souvenirs and try out ethnic cuisine. 

It does get pricy if you buy full sized meals at several pavillions so that's why they've brought back the "Toonie Taste" for a second year, which will give you a nice selection of samples of various dishes to eat and enjoy for only $2! 

Carassauga 2013

And you can also save money on travel, because each pavillion location will have you driving ALL around the city, with your purchased passport which gives you free MiWay rides to every spot! I love dancing along to the music, letting loose and having a good time while I'm there because it's basically a multicultural party :)

For more information on Carassauga, go to Carassauga.com.

Who's going to check it out?! Leave a comment, tweet me or email me and let's meet up!



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