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Feature: Behind The Blog

One of the amazing things about blogging conferences is connecting with bloggers you might not have otherwise met. This was the case at Blogpodium where I “virtually” met Sabrina, the blogger behind Hands and Hustle, an awesome lifestyle and design blog. She has a feature on her blog called Behind The Blog, which is all about demystifying “the blogger” to reveal the true person behind it. She reached out to me recently to find out if I wanted to participate and I gladly accepted the opportunity! Have you ever wondered how us bloggers go about our daily lives? Here are the questions Sabrina wanted me to answer..

1) Be honest: What time do you wake up and what’s a typical breakfast?
I wake up every morning during the week at around 4:45-5:00am. This is due to me wanting to get my workouts done and out of the way. I’m currently doing the P90X3 workout which has been a lot of fun so far! I wish my breakfasts sounded more interesting or looked like the above pic but it’s normally an apple and coffee, cereal or a Weight Watchers Smart Ones Breakfast frozen entree.

2) Do you have a day job? If so, what do you do? How do you find the balance between blogging and work? What are the pros and cons? – If blogging your full-time gig, please explain how that came to be.

I work at a staffing agency and with working full-time, balancing the blog and working has been a big lesson I’ve had to learn and am still learning how to manage. I’m fortunate to have a job where I can do some blogging and networking in my spare time and I really don’t know where I would be without it! I also dedicate a lot of time after work and on the weekends to blogging and taking photos. 

I highly recommend that if you’re going to get into blogging, you need to set yourself a schedule so you can fit everything you need to take care of within your day, otherwise you will feel very overwhelmed with how much time blogging can take up!

3) Where did you grow up (what city/town, do you have siblings, can you share any stories about your upbringing)? And where do you currently reside?

I grew up in Brampton, Ontario and have a younger brother. I’ve moved around a few times but have always stayed in the GTA area. I’m currently residing in Mississauga with my husband and our two cats, Makenzie and Chanel! 

I’ve always had a love for writing which started when I was really young and wrote fictional stories. It was a natural progression for me to get involved in my high school newspaper and go to college for Journalism. I have always had a love for music and a soft spot for boy bands which led me to create a few websites back in the day. I would write reviews on the concerts I went to and post pictures that I took of and with the bands and then a few years later, I started casually beauty blogging and the rest is history!  I’ve always loved sharing my thoughts, whether it’d be about the latest event or concert I’ve gone to or, as we all know, beauty and fashion.

4) Outline your average, typical day. Be as transparent as possible.

  • 4:45am: Wake up at 4:45am to the sounds of my cell phone alarm clock
  • 4:46am: Decide whether I actually want to get up or skip working out for that day
  • 4:47am: Get up and decide against that idea as it normally makes me feel lousy!
  • 4:55am: Workout
  • 5:55am: Feed my cats and start up the Keurig/Tassimo and brew a cup of espresso.
  • 6:00am: Grab whatever I’m in the mood for to eat (apple, cereal with no milk, frozen entree) that morning
  • 6:30am: Watch Breakfast Television and give a hug and kiss to my hubby as he heads off to work before me.
  • 6:35am: Keep watching Breakfast Television and start making my lunch for work.
  • 7:00am: Try to get ready for work but have to first lift Makenzie off my lap as she’s made it her bed.
  • 7:02am: Get dressed, apply makeup and tame the frizz.
  • 7:30am: Head out the door to my car.
  • 7:55am: Arrive in the parking lot and shake my head at the ugly construction that’s ruining the front of our office.
  • 8:00-5:00pm: Work, make coffee, have an intense debate with my boss over the latest client issues we’re dealing with, blog and check social media and work some more.
5) What’s your dream job/career? How are you working towards that?
I’d love to be doing something more creative and challenging with my time. I’m in love with marketing, PR, writing and design, so I would love to work at a marketing/pr agency and be fully immersed in the field.

6) What would be your dream dinner-party guest-list? Explain why you chose each person.

To host the Kardashians or One Direction at a dinner party would be awesome. Harry would obviously be seated beside me  so I could stare at him and his cuteness and listen to him talk πŸ˜‰

7) What’s one thing you’d like to start, one thing you’d like to stop, and one thing you’d like to continue.
I’d like to start being more positive because work and life in general sometimes gets to me. I’d love to stop worrying so much and focus on the present rather than always on the future. One thing I’d like to continue is blogging, of course!

8) What’s your current obsession?
I have an obsession with collecting Japanese/Chinese magazines like Vivi, Cancam and Mina. They are so inventive with their style and I absolutely adore the styling they do for their photos and page layouts. I’m definitely influenced in my photography by those magazines.

9) Link to 5 websites/blog you can’t go a week without?
Without a doubt, these are the top websites/blogs I can’t go without checking at least once a day!

  1. Independent Fashion Bloggers (amazing site for blogging tips)
  2. Oh No They Didn’t!
  3. TMZ (can’t live without my celeb gossip!)
  4. Who What Wear
  5. The SITS Girls Blog (another great blog for blogging tips and tricks) 

10) Tag and mention 1 blogger who you’d like to partake in this feature.
Hmm.. it’s so hard to choose just one! I’d love to see any of my beauty blogging friends fill these questions out because I love finding out how they manage blogging into their day-to-day lives!

Check out Sabrina’s answers on her blog, Hands and Hustle, as well as the other bloggers that are taking part in it today,like Brittany from gallerynoeight.com and Shawn Lovering from wildandlight.com. Thanks again Sabrina for letting me take part in this!

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