Halloween Makeup Tutorial: The Walking Dead Zombie

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Halloween Makeup Tutorial: The Walking Dead Zombie

Warning: Glitter Diaries has been taken over by zombies! Here’s Mary Lou, a once Southern belle turned grotesque zombie. She is an extra on The Walking Dead and the feature for my next Halloween makeup tutorial!

Mary Lou is a new zombie as she was transformed when a piece of flesh was ripped from her neck. Her once luminous hair has turned into a mangy wreck and her flesh wounds are starting to get badly infected. She loves long walks through deserted streets and her favourite meal of choice is of the feline variety.

To create your own Walking Dead zombie, start by patting on liquid latex all over your face in coats. Let the first coat dry a little until it becomes tacky and then you can apply the next coat. What’s great about liquid latex is that as it starts to dry, you can scrunch up your face to enhance facial lines. Make sure you have secured your hair away from your face as it gets pretty painful when you have the latex stuck in your hair!

 I left a patch on my right cheek free of liquid latex as I was going to put an open wound there. You can prep an area for a prosthetic by applying spirit gum to your skin and the prosthetic and apply it once the spirit gum starts to feel really tacky. Then hold the prosthetic in place so it dries and stays secure. To create the other gashes on my face, I picked at the dried latex and opened up pockets in different spots and then you can fill in those spots with red cream and blood thereafter. Green and brown creams were added around all of the wounds, even the prosthetics, to show signs of infection and then I added more blood to the prosthetics and other wounds on my face and dripped it down my nose and mouth. The colour of the rest of my face was created with a combination of white, black and brown creams.

The bruised eyes were created with a mixture of purple, burgundy and grey shadows. With the eyes, you don’t have to make the shadows look perfect as you’re just creating the look of dead, hollowed and sickly eyes. I finished off the eyes with some green mascara on both the bottom and top lashes. The only thing missing were zombified contact lenses that I know would have enhanced the look even more! I put on one of my crappiest wigs and poured a little bit of blood into the front hair line and a tattered shirt that I ruined even more by dripping blood all over the collar.

Halloween Makeup Tutorial: The Walking Dead Zombie
Halloween Makeup Tutorial: The Walking Dead Zombie
Halloween Makeup Tutorial: The Walking Dead Zombie
Eating kitties for protein!

Products Needed:

Spirit Halloween Liquid latex
Spirit Halloween Spirit Gum (and Spirit Gum Adhesive Remover for when you’re done!)
Cinema Secrets Woochie Open Wound Prosthetic
Reel F/X Chomped Makeup Kit 
Fun World Demon Blood
Fantasy Makers by Wet n Wild ‘Day of the Dead’ Palette 
Spirit Halloween 7 Color Makeup Palette

e.l.f.100 Piece Eyeshadow Palette: Purples, burgundys, whites, greys
Hard Candy 1000 Lashes Lush Green Mascara (exclusively sold at Walmart)


Creating a zombie look isn’t as scary and difficult as it may seem. I would first recommend that you do a spot test with the liquid latex to see if you may have an allergic reaction to it before putting it on your face. With liquid latex alone, it’s pretty easy to create a decrepit looking zombie and make your own wounds where you see fit, or you can even fake them by using cream colours. This makeup definitely challenged me in many ways and I look forward to doing it again and making myself look even grosser!

Have you ever tried creating your own zombie?

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