How to Move to a New House Without Losing Your Mind

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How to Move to a New House Without Losing Your MindHi Glitter Babes!

Last week was D-Day for our big move from a 2 bedroom apartment to our new 3 bedroom house. I’ve moved quite a bit in the past but there always seems to be something I learn from each move. And I learned A LOT from this one and so I had to pass along my tips and tricks on how to move to a new house without losing your mind.

  1. Double the time for your packing plan: Whatever time you think you need for packing, double it! I found out with this move that I needed more time to pack than I anticipated. This was due to living in our apartment as newlyweds and gaining a lot of “stuff” during those 5 long years. You really don’t realize how much you’ve accumulated during that time until you start packing it all up. Get more than a head start on it and designate an area in your home for all of the boxes so you don’t feel claustrophobic while you’re living there in the meantime!
  2. Sort & label everything: We all know to have everything packed and labelled so the move goes well without any confusion as to what’s in each box, but it’s a good idea to also sort everything before putting it into boxes and making a little note on the box to say what specifically is in each. I made the error of not properly sorting through everything and putting them into designated piles to be boxed up which would’ve helped the unpacking process. This means, for example, put a box together of computer accessories, not computer accessories and other random knick knacks. Be specific with your labels so you don’t waste time ripping into every box to find the one thing that you’re looking for.
  3. Plan ahead & arrange for enough help: Whether you have some friends who will help out with your move or will be hiring a moving company, make sure you arrange it at least a couple weeks before the big day. If you are hiring, just search man with a van near me to find some assistance. Plus, make sure they’re available to you for enough hours. We initially made the mistake of hiring movers for not enough hours, but thankfully were able to get them to help us out for a few more hours.
  4. Set aside some money for unexpected expenses: It’s always a good idea to make sure you have some money on the side to cover any expenses that pop up along the way. For us this was money for gas because the trips between Mississauga and Brampton really took its toll on our cars, as well as furniture we didn’t know we needed until we moved in. Whether you can save up $20 or $200 for those expenses, it’s worth it to not have that pressure to come up with the money for something you didn’t expect would happen.
  5. Take it easy: It’s hard not to be a worry wart about the moving process but do yourself a favour and not get too worked up about it. There will be problems, no move is ever easy, but it doesn’t do you any good to give yourself anxiety about it. Just know it will all eventually fall into place and settle down. Treat yourself to something that you can look forward to during the move, like a nice massage or mani. It takes a lot of anyone to make a big move so you rightfully deserve to treat yourself!

After taking a week off from work to get our move done, we are FINALLY fully moved into our house. My hubby keeps saying he never wants to move again while I’m never saying never! It’s taking some time still for it to sink in that we have our own house right now, but I’m slowly getting there and every day I get a little more excited and appreciative of everything I’ve gained with it. Like a dishwasher and a washer and dryer, or our own back yard! So if you’re moving to another apartment or even a house, take some time to soak it in and be proud of yourself and what you’re accomplishing!

What do you think of my top tips for an efficient and non-hectic move? What are some of your tips for a smooth move? Share yours below!


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