Smelling Like a Kid Again With Mr. Bubble

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Demeter's Mr. Bubble Cologne Spray Review You know those scents that seem to stay with you since childhood? For me it was smelling the aroma of incense in my mom’s bedroom and wearing Clinique’s Happy when I was a young teen. But even younger than that, when scents first had an effect on me was, of course, at bath time! I was one of those kids who didn’t like taking baths but as soon as my mother held up a bottle of Mr. Bubble, I was always game.

Bubble baths were made even more exciting for me as I watched the bubbles fill up the tub and that scent blossom through the room. A blend of coconut, banana and peach notes mixed with a floral center of jasmine and rose, with a balsamic vanilla and powdery raspberry base make up this nostalgic cologne spray. Demeter is no stranger to coming out with exact replicas of nostalgic scents and their take on Mr. Bubble is an exact match that would take anyone back in time with just one spritz of the bottle. I was beyond excited to hear from the Canadian Beauty Bloggers Network that the Demeter Fragrance Library thought to bring this back in spray form so anyone can enjoy this childhood bath treat once again.

Price: $20 / 30ml / Available at Loblaws/Real Canadian Superstores

Demeter's Mr. Bubble Cologne Spray ReviewMy Thoughts:

I’ve pretty much made it clear that this fragrance is amazing, but I’ll say it again. It’s nice and light weight, with that clean, fresh feel a lot of us have come to remember and love about it. The amount of compliments I get when I wear it is crazy too, because it’s one of those scents you wouldn’t think could work as a perfume but it does. Every time I put it on, it lifts my mood and gives me an extra boost to my day, something that is usually hard for me to maintain as an adult when I have a lot of things going on in my life. But in that moment when I have it on, I can close my eyes and it transports me way back to when I was a rug rat with a happy zest for life and it’s a beautiful feeling.

Would you wear Demeter’s Mr. Bubble cologne spray?! Did you ever use Mr. Bubble growing up? Share your first scent memories with me! I’d love to hear about them πŸ™‚







Disclosure: This product was provided for review as part of my affiliation with the CBB, however these opinions are 100% my own.
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