Dreaming of Unicorns & Mermaids with Hard Candy

Hard Candy, Review
Dreaming of Unicorns & Mermaids with Hard Candy

Every time I head to Walmart, I always take a stroll through the makeup department. This stroll always includes a stop by Hard Candy, which has expanding their line of products and there always seem to be some surprises from them along the way. Which is exactly what happened when I found this collection of unicorn and mermaid inspired makeup just before Halloween. There was not much I could do at that point but buy everything I could and I’ve been dreaming of unicorns & mermaids ever since.

Dreaming of Unicorns & Mermaids with Hard Candy

From L-R: Starry Night – blue-green shimmer, Twinkle – coral pink shimmer, Fairy Wings – dark blackened purple shimmer

Hard Candy‘s unicorns & mermaids collection includes a bunch of pastel and fun shades in everything from eyeshadows to highlighters to lip top coats. And if you’re like me and are bored of seeing the usual colours in highlighters and lip sticks/glosses, this is the collection for you. The first bunch of products that immediately caught my eye were the Wet Ever Unicorn Lip Top Coats ($6 US / $8 CAD / Available while supplies last exclusively at Walmart).

My Glittery Thoughts:

They have lots of glitter in them and Starry Night applies a bit more sheer compared to the others, but they’re fun to wear over lipstick to create a fun glittery lip. They dry down quickly, feel really comfy and light weight so they’re great for layering. Twinkle is perfect for anyone looking for less glitter and more shimmer in their top coats.

Dreaming of Unicorns & Mermaids with Hard Candy

From L-R: Prism – white with opalescent shimmer, Aura – light purple with pink and blue shimmer, Moonbeam – light sea blue with green shimmer, Stardust – light pink with soft opalescent shimmer

The other items I picked up were the Just Glow! Illuminating Liquid ($6 US / $8 CAD / Available while supplies last exclusively at Walmart), liquid luminizers that will make your cheeks, or anywhere you want to apply a cool highlight, pop with an ethereal glow.

My Glittery thoughts:

It comes with a nice nail polish-like wand that makes for easy application and the colours are beautiful.Β You can apply them anywhere or mix them into your moisturizer or foundation for a glow that even unicorns would be jealous of. They’re also very buildable but I found that Moonbeam is the most pigmented from the get go, so you only need just a tiny bit of it to give your skin a pretty mermaid goddess hue. They also set really quickly, so don’t waste too much time with applying them where you want them.


If you can still find them at your local Walmart and you love colour and like trying new things, the Unicorns & Mermaids collection is worth every penny!

What do you think of the Unicorns & Mermaids collection from Hard Candy? What’s your favourite product from the collection?! Share your thoughts below!





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