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Hi Glitter Babes!

Wow, it’s been quite some time since I updated this blog. As you know, I was pregnant for what felt like the longest time (but not really when I look back on it) and I had plans to work on my YouTube and produce more videos and less written posts for you guys, even though I still plan on updating this blog with everything that I’m doing over on YouTube! πŸ˜‰

Well, I’m very excited to share that my little girl, named Ariella Kristen Freeman came into this world on November 3rd weighing 7lbs 1 oz with lots of strawberry blonde hair and quite the set of lungs on her! She has taken up all of my time since then and I’m now slow-ly trying to figure out how to set time aside for myself again to work on updating my blog and creating new videos.

Ariella Kristen Freeman

Halloween was an exciting time for me as I was not only very anxious for her arrival and was hoping that she would be a Halloween baby but, unfortunately that didn’t happen, although, November 3rd is close enough. But I tried to get back into the swing of creating video content for my YouTube channel. I was able to post 2 videos before Ariella came into my life and I’m very happy that I was able to do that, although I wish I could’ve been able to put out more. Writing has always been an easy thing for me and what made me happy about these videos was that I was able to share a side of my personality that I didn’t really reveal when I rebooted my channel back in the winter of this year.

I’m quite shy and introverted when I meet new people and talking to a camera makes me feel even more shy and nervous but I was able to let that go and really be myself. This is partly because I knew I wanted to take advantage of being on maternity leave but I also joined the second bootcamp that Erika Vieira launched this year called Zero to Influence. These bootcamps aren’t cheap, so I knew going in that I had to take this very seriously and use the bootcamp to help me better my channel and what I bring to the YouTube community.

I would love it if you guys checked out my most recent videos! Even though the first one is more geared towards Halloween, it’s really good for a laugh and the other one is a makeup look that I feel could be used any time you want to look really extra! I shot a video the day before I got induced to have Ariella and will try my best to get that up for you guys as soon as possible! And then I’m going to try to be as strategic with my time as possible while working with Ariella’s schedule that she has for me in order to start working on new content again. I love Halloween so much but I also really love Christmas and all of the creative looks that are perfect for this time of year, as well as all of the great makeup collections that come out at this time! So stay tuned for that and let me know what you think of my videos and any requests or ideas for content that you’d like me to work on!


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