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My Summer to Fall Foot Pampering Routine

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My Summer to Fall Foot Pampering Routine

This is the first week of fall but it sure doesn’t feel like it outside. Over the past several days, we’ve had temperatures feeling closer to 40 with the humidity. Welp, I guess I’m going to have to wait to pull out my fall wardrobe for a little bit longer. No matter what it feels like outside, I like having a good end-of-season pampering session for the parts of my body that don’t often get pampering, like my feet. Even though fall is a time when sandals and open toed shoes are going to take a back seat to boots and regular close toed shoes, I still like treating my feet to a good summer to fall foot pampering session. Here are some of the products that were part of this year’s pampering routine.

My Summer to Fall Foot Pampering Routine

First things first, I’ve become more and more obsessed with masks of all kinds. Sephora has converted me into a mask collector and one of the kinds of masks that I absolutely LOVE using are foot masks. The 7th Heaven Soften Sock Masques ($5.99 / Available at & Rexall Pharmaplus) are like getting your feet pampered at the spa. They are booties that make your feet feel really soft and come treated with shea butter and almond oil, which nourishes dry skin and repairs cracked heels, and peppermint and soybean, which freshen and hydrate the skin making it feel silky soft.

My Summer to Fall Foot Pampering Routine

I’ve done a lot of walking this summer which has resulted in very dry, cracked heels, so to take it a step further in order to make sure my feet are in their best condition, I have been using Flexitol Heel Magic ($14.99 / Available at & Shoppers Drug Mart). It’s a new and innovative way to hydrate and nourish dry, cracked heels, which comes in a no-mess stick formula that contains a blend of urea, shea butter, lanolin and olive oil in a highly concentrated moisturizing base.

My Summer to Fall Foot Pampering Routine

It’s not always the prettiest thing to see but women get toe hair. I used to shave mine off until I discovered that you can easily just wax it off instead. Andmentics Toe Wax Strips ($14.99 / Available at are safe to use at home and make waxing your little piggies a breeze. They are shaped to work on all toes and expertly removes all hair without irritating your skin.

My Summer to Fall Foot Pampering Routine

Using vanilla scented shower gels and bath foams are an obsession for me which is why I really love the cute mini bottle of I Love Vanilla & Ice Cream Bath & Shower Creme ($9.99 for 500ml / Available at & Shoppers Drug Mart). It’s great for travelling, smells like summertime and eating ice cream cones and makes your skin (and feet) smell and feel great. Lastly, you can’t complete a full foot pampering session without a good pedicure. I’m not the greatest at painting my toes, so a toe separator is essential. They keep your toes in place as you apply the nail polish and prevent any movement from happening afterwards so the polish doesn’t get smudged.

Aside from this routine, I make sure to keep my feet moisturized and like slathering them in lotion before I go to bed (and just hoping that I don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to pee). If you follow a routine like this and have a special evening once a month where you treat your feet and give them the love they deserve, they will look amazing all year round.

What do you think of my summer to fall foot pampering routine? What does your foot pampering routine look like?! Share your thoughts below






Disclosure: These products were provided for editorial consideration, however these are my honest opinions.

Review: philosophy Holiday 2015 Bath & Shower Gels

Body Care, philosophy, Review

philosophy Holiday 2015 Bath & Shower Gels Review Hi Glitter Babes!

Today was supposed to be a makeup tutorial day, but I’ve been so busy lately so I’m going to try to post something this weekend. However, today I have a post that’s just as exciting for you guys! philosophy has some of the best skincare and bath & body products to give you the ultimate sensory experience. I’ve been feeling and smelling like Christmas lately thanks to the philosophy Holiday 2015 bath & shower gels!

philosophy’s bath & shower gels come in several delicious scents. One of their most popular is Amazing Grace, based off of their best selling fragrance, so they really know how to do scented products well! I got to try out a few from the holiday collection which included iced orchid, shimmering snowlace, and vanilla bean nutmeg. They come in mini holiday sets or in their regular full size, which offers a generous 480 ml of product, and the prices are very wallet-friendly.

They are well known for being multi-taskers since they can also be used as shampoo! And even though they’re scented, they’re gentle enough on your skin to be used every day and leave your skin and hair feeling very soft and beautifully scented.

philosophy Holiday 2015 Bath & Shower Gels ReviewTaking a closer look at each holiday bath & shower gel; here is iced orchid, which is perfumed with the scent of a winterized orchid. It’s a multi-tasking and moisturizing formula that provides a rich lather for your hair and body or a glistening and sudsy bubble bath.

Price: $18.00 / 16 fl. oz. / 480 ml / Available at Shoppers Drug Mart & The Bay

philosophy Holiday 2015 Bath & Shower Gels ReviewCreated to make you feel like you’re among a beautiful snow-filled landscape, shimmering snowlace is scented with frozen lemon, pink freesia, cyclamen, soft woods, fresh musk and tonka bean. It’s a delicate and frosty scent with a rich foaming lather that effortlessly cleanses and conditions the skin and hair, and will leave you shimmering with joy.

Price: $21 CAD / $18 US / 16 fl. oz. / 480 ml / Available at Shoppers Drug Mart & The Bay

philosophy Holiday 2015 Bath & Shower Gels ReviewLast but certainly not least is vanilla bean nutmeg, a holiday treasure that’s sure to excited all vanilla lovers. A warm and cozy mixture of vanilla bean and nutmeg that will cleanse you from head to toe, leaving you smelling like holiday cookies.

Price: $21 CAD / $18 US / 16 fl. oz. / 480 ml / Available at Shoppers Drug Mart & The Bay

My Thoughts:

With scented bath and body products, I’ve usually come to find them leaving my skin feeling really dry and irritating to freshly shaved areas, but these bath & shower gels are unbelievably gentle on my skin. And I CANNOT get enough of their fragrances! iced orchid has got to be my favourite out of all three, and even then it’s by a VERY slim lead, because it has a soft floral scent that smells fresh like winter snow. My hubby is hugely into anything vanilla and has been using up the vanilla bean nutmeg, so I know that these shower gels can work for anyone! I love the size of the bottles and the lovely sets that come out. I’ve bought philosphy bath & body sets for friends and tried it out for myself a few years ago, but having been reintroduced to them through these products, I am definitely anxious to add more scents (from the holiday and permanent collections) to my stash. If you love delighting your senses with beautiful, lightly fragranced products that are super gentle, I highly recommend in picking up a couple bottles!

Have you tried any of philosophy’s holiday 2015 bath & shower gels? If so, which one is your favourite?! Share your thoughts below!







Disclosure: These products were provided for editorial consideration, however these are my honest opinions.

Jealous Body Scrub Review

Body Care, Jealous Body Scrub, Review

Jealous Body Scrub ReviewI love a good, strong cup of coffee to help me feel energized in the mornings, but did you know that coffee grounds can actually be used as a body scrub to exfoliate and reduce the appearance of things like cellulite and stretch marks? So when I found out about Jealous Body Scrub, the first all-natural coffee based body scrub, I couldn’t be more eager to jump at the chance to say “Sayonara!” to my own cellulite, stretch marks and other imperfections.

Jealous Body Scrub ReviewJealous Body Scrub is made with premium robusta ground coffee that’s never been brewed, cold pressed coconut oil, sea salt, raw brown sugar, Vitamin E and minerals. It’s a scrub that’s strong enough to help improve the look of your skin but also leave it nicely hydrated and protected thanks to the organic coconut oil and Vitamin E. Along with helping reduce the look of cellulite and stretch marks, it also helps reduce the appearance of eczema, age spots, varicose veins, psoriasis and even acne.

Price: $17.95 / 200g / Available at Jealous Body Scrub

How to apply:

  • Recommended to be used 2-3x a week. Start by getting in the shower/tub and make sure your skin is nice and wet. Then use 2-3 scoops (about a handful) for your whole body and then scrub in circular motions. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes then rinse off.

Jealous Body Scrub Review

Jealous Body Scrub ReviewMy Thoughts:

Right after opening the resealable (very handy!) pouch, my bathroom started to smell like a coffee house, which I had absolutely no problems with. The ground up coffee is very fine, so it was easy to grab a handful and start working it into my skin. I’m glad I had the shower running because, man, does it get messy! I was getting the scrub everywhere, so a good scrub down of the tub was needed afterwards. After leaving it on my skin for well over 10 minutes, since I wanted to take pictures of the experience, rinsing it off felt really good. My legs felt incredibly soft and they looked a little more even in tone and less “dimply”. My husband even commented on the noticeable change! However, I had to put on body lotion afterwards because the strong coffee smell was too much for me to sleep with.

Overall, I enjoyed using the scrub and how gentle yet effective it is and find that it’s perfect to pamper myself with on the weekends for a good all over body exfoliation, plus it’s easier and more convenient to go through the clean up process on the weekends too πŸ˜›

What do you think of the Jealous Body Scrub? What kinds of things (other than the usual tub of body scrub you can find anywhere) have you used to exfoliate your skin? Share your thoughts below!






Disclosure: This product was received for editorial consideration, however these opinions are my own.