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ColourPop Pink & Nectar Eyeshadow Palettes

Colourpop, Review

My love for ColourPop has been real for a couple years now but it wasn’t until about 6 months ago that it turned into an obsession. I can’t get over the quality of their eyeshadows and lipsticks, the wide variety of shades and the decent prices, so I pretty much stalk their website to find out what they’re launching next. My last ColourPop purchase was for the Pink & Nectar eyeshadow palettes they released as part of their monochromatic spring 2017 collections.

ColourPop Pink & Nectar Eyeshadow Palettes Review

I have been loving their Super Shock Shadows and Pigments for a long time, but since they launched their Pressed Powder Eyeshadow’s early this year, I knew they would probably be just as awesome as their other eyeshadows. Immediately after seeing the Nectar palette, Blow Me Away, and the Pink palette, Belle of the Ball, I knew I wanted them. The eyeshadows in each palette can be bought individually if you don’t care to buy the whole palette which is a nice option. Even though the palette cases aren’t that big, you can pop out each eyeshadow and put them in something bigger and more sleek because they’re all magnetized.

ColourPop Pink & Nectar Eyeshadow Palettes Review

Top Row from L-R: Take a Break & Issues
Bottom Row from L-R: Centerfold & Slim Fit

The Nectar collection was the first to come out, followed by Pink and Sand. Blow Me Away ($18) contains 3 mattes and 1 shimmery shadow, like the other monochromatic palettes. Take a Break is a light shimmery golden peach, Issues is a matte light pastel peach, Centerfold is a matte bright coral, and Slim Fit is a matte bright red coral.

ColourPop Pink & Nectar Eyeshadow Palettes Review

Top Row from L-R: Secrets & Soft Core
Bottom Row from L-R: Fair Play & On the Fence

The Pink collection followed with the Belle of the Ball ($18) eyeshadow palette. It features Secrets, a matte light petal pink, Soft Core, a matte light-medium warm rosy pink, Fair Play, a matte hot pink, and On the Fence, a frosty light pink.

These eyeshadow palettes are both so pigmented and so easy to blend. Fair Play (the hot pink) and the two coral shades on the right of the Nectar palette are my absolute favourites. Centerfold, especially, really surprised me because it’s a lot brighter than it looks in the pan. The mattes are smooth and not chalky and the shimmers add a nice sparkle to any makeup look. If you haven’t tried any of their pressed powders, these palettes are definitely the way to go. If you’re a pink or coral fan, you’ll save a couple bucks by buying either of the palettes instead of the individual eyeshadows, plus they have some nice sets where you can get each palette with the 3 complimenting lipsticks that are part of each set. The shipping rates are not too bad either, which is another reason why I buy stuff so frequently from them. Their stuff is only getting better and they have tons of deals in their sales section so, if you haven’t already, you need to check them out and get obsessed with me! 😉

What do you think of the ColourPop Pink & Nectar Eyeshadow Palettes? Have you bought anything from ColourPop recently?! Share your thoughts below!


Review: My First Colourpop Eyeshadow Haul

Colourpop, Review

Colourpop Eyeshadows ReviewHey Glitter Babes!

My sights had been set on Colourpop for a long time and I FINALLY got the chance to find out for myself what all of the fuss was about. And now I’m officially addicted thanks to my first Colourpop eyeshadow haul!

To give you a bit of background on Colourpop, if you don’t already know, they’re a makeup brand based in LA who offer a really cool gel-cream formula in their shadow/pigments, blushes and highlighters that allow them to be the most pigmented colours you’ve ever laid your eyes on. They also come out with Lippie Stix in several awesome shades, and recently launched their new Creme Gel colours and liners which I am DYING to get my hands on. But, anyways, they offer all of this amazing stuff at pretty fair prices compared to what else is out there.

Colourpop Eyeshadows ReviewSo, for my first CP shadow haul, I picked up 7 eyeshadows that are pretty much the brightest they have in their collection. They include Fizz, a bright lime green with multi-dimensional shadow, Erotic, a bright candy apple red with copper shimmer, Dare, a bright grape with pink and violet shimmer, Slave2Pink, a bright neon pink with blue & violet shimmer and a duo chrome finish, Glowstix, a bright yellow, Ibiza, a bright turquoise with gold & silver shimmer and a duo chrome finish, and Fantasy, a bright purple-pink with multi-dimensional shimmer. Colourpop Eyeshadows ReviewSince their shadows are creamy and gel-like, it’s important to remember to close them up tight after you’ve finished using them or they will start to dry up and loose their vibrancy.

How to apply: For full coverage, apply with your fingertip or flat brush and pat it down. For a softer more blended look, apply with a fluffy brush.

Price: $5.00 US ea. / $7.00 CAD ea. / 1 oz / Available online at

Colourpop Eyeshadows ReviewTop Row from L-R: Fizz, Erotic, Dare
Bottom Row from L-R: Slave2Pink, Glowstix, Ibiza, Fantasy

These shadows are everything I hoped they would be and their texture is so amazing which helps them stay really pigmented. They’re very buttery in their pots, so you only need a light touch to get some colour. You get a lot of colour in each pot which is great but the issue Canadian customers face is the not-too-great shipping charges they tack onto their stuff which ends up being more than the product itself. So, it’s a good idea to go in on a CP purchase with some friends and I’m also hoping that they throw us a bone (like free shipping?) during their Black Friday sales.

If you’re a colour junkie like me, or just want to be blown away by pigmented shadows in every shade imaginable, they will definitely change your makeup game (and life!) for the better. They keep coming out with new and exciting colours and products (like the creme gels colours!), so I have no doubt that this brand will only get bigger and better as time goes on and I’m SO excited for it!

What do you think of my first Colourpop eyeshadow haul? Which shadow is your favourite and have you ever tried CP before?! Share your thoughts below!