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7 Ways to Look Cuter at the Gym

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7 Ways to Look Cuter at the Gym

I currently have a love/hate relationship with going to the gym. It’s always a struggle to push myself to go and then when I’m there I usually get into it. But that initial struggle is always the worst and most difficult to overcome. I’ve been trying to think of some ways to make it more encouraging to go and the main idea that often pops into my head is about having some fun with my outfit and trying to look cute while I’m there. If you’ve got a whole new outfit and accessories to use, why wouldn’t you want to go out and show it off? Here are 7 ways to look cuter at the gym and actually look forward to going on a regular basis.

7 Ways to Look Cuter at the Gym

Perfect your gym face: It’s easy to tell yourself that you will be sweating buckets at the gym, so what’s the point in putting any makeup on? Well, for one thing, you never know who you will bump into at the gym. My gym is conveniently located close to the house I grew up in and I’ve bumped into a few people there that I knew in high school. So, it’s always good to wear a little bit of makeup. Some long wearing concealer (like the Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer), waterproof liner (the Sketch Markers from Too Faced are a great option!) and mascara and a bit of tinted lip balm (I like wearing eos lip balms or Fresh’s Sugar Rose tinted lip treatment!) will go a long way in giving  you a fresh gym face without looking like you’re headed to a club.

Funky fresh shoes are a must: I always say that a new pair of shoes can change your life and your mood (they did for Cinderella!) so buying a new pair of gym shoes always helps build excitement. I like colourful and bold shoes, like these Nike ones, that show off a bit of my personality that add to my whole outfit. It’s also important to buy shoes with proper arch support, so you don’t run the risk of injury.

Give your sports bra a boost: Bouncing up and down on the treadmill or bike is made to look hot in music videos but IRL, we need to make sure that our “girls” have proper support while at the gym. There’s nothing like feeling uncomfortable in your sports bra because it makes you feel like your boobs are flopping around all willy nilly. I prefer bras with medium support, like this one from H&M, so everything is contained and nothing’s gonna pop out at a moment’s notice.

Pretty up your pants: As long as the colours and prints work together in a complimentary way, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have fun with what you wear on your legs as well. Old Navy has a ton of cute and colourful pants right now, including this one.

Dress up your hair with cute accessories: When I start to sweat, my hair starts to frizz up and not look so cute. But there is a fix for that. I’ve started wearing headbands and cute hair accessories that help my hair stay in place and look good throughout my workout. Whether you have short or long hair, bangs or no bangs, it’s always helpful to have an accessory or two in your hair so you don’t have that distraction of constantly fixing your hair when it gets in your face or starts to bother you. I love small headbands like this set I found at Simons because they stay put on my large head! lol

Toss your gear in a fun gym bag: What you throw all of your gym gear in is just as important as what you’re planning to wear in my opinion. Find something fun, lightweight but also durable and functional, like this one, so nothing inside will get damaged when you put it away in your gym locker.

Enhance your ear buds: There’s nothing I hate more than annoying earbud cords getting in the way as you’re running on a treadmill, that’s why I think it’s important to go wireless. There are tons of fun and super cute designs out there for wireless earbuds that are also sweatproof and won’t fall out if you’re running or jumping like these headphones I found on Amazon.

What are some of the accessories you like wearing that make you feel cute while at the gym?! Share yours below!


11 Accessories You Need For an Epic Summer

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15 Accessories You Need For an Epic Summer

We all know that it’s the little things that brighten up our days. The right accessories can lift our moods and set the tone for a great day/month/season. Well, I’ve rounded up 11 accessories you need for an epic summer that are sure to bring a smile to your (and everyone else’s) face!

15 Accessories You Need For an Epic Summer11 Accessories You Need For an Epic Summer

  1. Tomato Graphic Tote / $4.90: Summertime means going out more and, for most of us girls, lots of shopping! Carry around your purchases in an adorable tote like this one and there will be pretty much no excuse left not to shop! 😉
  2. Cherry Head Wrap / $6.00: Unfortunately one of the downsides of summer is the humidity, which makes my hair look like a lion’s mane. But that can be kept under control with cute head wraps like the cherry wrap above, and from that point on you will laugh in the face of humidity like I do.
  3. Anchor Sandals / $10.00: Cute sandals can really enhance any outfit. I’m very into the nautrical theme this year and these sandals look like a lot of fun to wear. And they’re very affordable so you can get as much wear out of them without feeling bad.
  4. Cat Sunglasses / $14.00: I love collecting fun sunglasses and these cat-shaped sunglasses are just too cute to resist. I think this is the year for fun and quirky sunnies, so you should definitely grab one that speaks to you and lets your personality shine!
  5. Mermaid Bikini / $29.74+: I believe you should always choose swimwear that you feel comfortable and confident in but also that you can have a lot of fun wearing! Since I will never be able to fulfill my dream of becoming a mermaid, a lovely mermaid bikini definitely fills the void.
  6. Rainbow Unicorn Float / $99.00: One of my dreams this summer is to get a massive unicorn floatie like this one, and then find a pool to lounge on it in. Anyone would be the talk of the party if you waltz in with this baby.
  7. Urban Decay Moondust Palette / $70.00: What kind of beauty blogger would I be without adding something makeup related to this list?! This sparkly palette makes my eyes shimmer with delight.
  8. Rainbow Popsicle Earrings / $8.50: For kitschy, fun jewelry I always head to Claire’s to satisfy my cravings for some popsicle or funky taco earrings. Who doesn’t want to reconnect with their youth with some fun and quirky jewelry? They’re definitely conversation starters, that’s for sure!
  9. Donuts with Sprinkles Silicone Case / $16.50: I don’t know about you but the summertime is when I like to switch out my phone case for something new. And a phone case covered with yummy (unfortunately non-edible) donuts is perfect for summer.
  10. Beach Babe Floppy Hat / $35.00: Protect your face from premature aging by always wearing a high SPF sunscreen as well as a pretty, floppy hat like this one. You will definitely feel like a ‘Beach Babe’ when you hit the beach or the town with this baby on.
  11. Pink Glass Manicure / $22.00: After seeing so many pictures on Instagram of shattered glass nail art and how amazingly gorgeous it looks, I luckily found a ready-made glue on set that will help me refrain from failing at attempting the art myself. This nail art is a big trend this summer and these are definitely Instagram worthy!

What are your top must-have accessories this summer?! Do you own any of the fabulous accessories above?! Share your thoughts below!






My Top 5 Best Dressed at TIFF 2015

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Top 5 Best Dressed at TIFF 2015TIFF 2015 has sadly come and gone but the hype over the red carpet fashion is still there. TIFF red carpets are such a great place to find inspiration for fall and I’ve already got some ideas running around in my head for items I want to pick up to upgrade my wardrobe for the season. It was so hard to choose the best fashion at TIFF because there were so many stand outs, don’t you agree?! So, after a long night of going through all of the red carpet photos, here are my top 5 best dressed at TIFF 2015 and I’d love to know your picks as well!

#5 – Helen Mirren

Top 5 Best Dressed at TIFF 2015photo by: Isaiah Trickey/FilmMagic

I saw this dress from way up on the 6th floor at the Elevate Lounge and even from that vantage point, I could tell this was a stunning dress. Helen knows exactly how to dress for her age without looking too old or too young, she delivers classy elegance every time. I love the dark and dramatic romanticism this dress evokes and how effortless it is for Helen to inspire people her age as well as someone like me with her fashion choices. I’ve got my eye out for skirts and dresses that have the same look/feel, so if you guys know of anywhere that’s selling something similar, I’d love to know!!

#4 – Naomi Watts

Top 5 Best Dressed at TIFF 2015via.

I LOVE that pant suits like this are becoming a thing again. Obviously since I love pant suits and pink, this was a stand out for me from the beginning. I also love the pop of coral-red that the collar and clutch add to the outfit. This is such a great choice Naomi went with and I love that it even complements the red carpet!

#3 – Ryan Reynolds

Top 5 Best Dressed at TIFF 2015photo by: George Pimentel/WireImage

For this best dressed list, I had to include this eye candy right here. Ryan knows how to show up and show off at these red carpet events. The suit fits him so well and looks oh-so good, plus I like the subtle yet cool design on his skinny tie. Oh to be in Blake’s shoes for a day and have this guy as your man.. Sorry hubby! lol 😛

#2 – Kate Winslet

Top 5 Best Dressed at TIFF 2015via.

My heart sank, much like the Titanic, when I found out that Kate’s truly just as gorgeous in real life as she is in photos. This Badgley Mischka dress hugged her curves perfectly, with the jeweled top accentuating her assets to a T, and showed off her amazingly toned shoulders. I also have to give kudos to her makeup artist and hairstylist for the amazing job they did on her and I also loved her dark mani.

#1 – Rachel Weisz

Top 5 Best Dressed at TIFF 2015via.

I absolutely LOVE this dress Rachel wore. The colour, belt and cool structure of the dress was the perfect combination of casual and formal. The print on the skirt is gorgeous and I love the leather cinching belt that highlighted her tiny waist. I’m definitely taking notes from this look for my fall work wardrobe. I’ve also noticed that shoulder length hair is becoming a big thing these days and is really making me consider making the cut.. What do you think?


What are your favourite looks from the TIFF 2015 red carpet? Share your picks below!