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Take Care of Your Lips with Lypsyl Lip Balms

Lypsyl, Review
Take Care of Your Lips with Lypsyl Lip Balms

It’s the middle of March and we’re having a snow storm. It’s not totally unheard of in Canada but it just goes to show that the weather can be unpredictable here. Whether it’s the weather, a promising first date with a hottie, or recovering from a date gone wrong, you can find something that fits your needs with Lypsyl Lip Balms.

Take Care of Your Lips with Lypsyl Lip Balms

You can take care of your lips with Lypsyl Lip Balms because they offer tons of different, fun flavours aside from their Original formula like Cherry and Tropical Oasis, as well as a formula for Sensitive lips and Cold Sore Relief ($8.99 / 8 g). You might be familiar with Lypsyl because they can be found everywhere and yet I haven’t tried them out until now. TheyΒ are Sweden’s #1 lip balm and are the only balm made with deeply penetrating Swedish Beeswax which offers long lasting moisture your lips can feel. Their natural ingredients include shea butter, elderberry, coconut oil, aloe, chamomile, honey, and vitamins A and E to quickly soothe and hydrate sore and very dry lips.

Take Care of Your Lips with Lypsyl Lip Balms

Price: $1.49 – $2.49 ea. (except Cold Sore Relief) / 4.2 g / Available now atΒ Walmart & Mass Drug Stores

My Thoughts:

These lip balms are so affordable and convenient to have around at all times. They’re very soothing, nourishing and comfortable to wear. I’ve thrown each flavour/formula into every purse I use so I always have one with me and I have one on my bedside table to put on when I go to bed. I’ve also recently found out how well lipsticks and what not go on after I’ve put on a lip balm as a base and these really help with that part of my makeup application process. I don’t suffer from cold sores but I had a friend try it out who deals with cold sores a lot and they said that the formula was really effective atΒ clearing up cold sores and relieved their soreness and pain, as well as keeping the rest of the lips moisturized and soothed. I really like that even though they’re very affordable, they definitely don’t lack in effectiveness. If you’re in need of an affordable lip balm/treatment, Lypsyl is a great way to go. I’ve even seen Lypsyl in stock at Dollarama, so they are beyond affordable and very accessible to get your hands on.

What do you think of the Lypsyl Lip Balms? Have you tried any of their formulas before?! Share your thoughts below!






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