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What to Wear to a Concert

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What to Wear to a Concert TipsIf there’s one thing I really love doing, it’s going to concerts! I used to go to them all the time when I was young but since ticket prices have been getting more expensive, I only get to go to a few very special concerts a year. I’m very excited to have won tickets to see One Direction today and with every concert comes the dilemma of “What do I wear?!”. Well, I’ve had to face that question so many times that I finally came up with a fool-proof solution to anyone can apply when faced with the woes of what to wear to a concert!

What to Wear to a Concert

What to Wear to a Concert Tips

Concert Outfit #1 / peplum biker jacket + graphic tee + faux leather shorts + booties: I love a good rocker outfit for a concert and this one serves that with a side of sexy thanks to the leather shorts with lace detail and peplum jacket. If you’re looking for something to wear that’ll keep you cool while you enjoy an awesome dance party. The stacked heel will also help you stand being on your feet for long periods of time.

Concert Outfit #2 / Faux fur vest + halter dress + fringe booties: Sweet with a mix of boho chic is what I would call this outfit. You can move around freely in this pretty dress and help your feet stay comfy in the cute fringe booties. The fur vest will keep you warm when there’s a chill out and isn’t too heavy to wear indoors where it’s warmer either.

Concert Outfit #3 / Faux leather vest + lace crop top + black leggings + sparkly pumps: This outfit screams fierce glam with the combo of a sexy lace crop top and sparkly pumps, and the addition of sleek leggings and a leather vest. It’s super important to stick with clothes that aren’t constricting and won’t interfere with you dancing the night away with your friends. Close toed pumps are also a must so you don’t get your toes stepped on if you’re standing in a crowd of people!


Tonight I will be wearing a lace skirt and colourful tank top paired with some slip on sneakers. With the heat and humidity we’ve been dealing with lately, I prefer to wear minimal clothing so I can enjoy the show and not be suffering in sweat! πŸ˜‰

What would you wear to a concert?! Share your outfit ideas and tips below!


My Top 8 Summer Wardrobe Pieces

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My Top 8 Summer Wardrobe PiecesDo you get that feeling like there’s something missing from your wardrobe? Like you have tons of clothes but nothing to wear? There has always been that feeling inside of me that my wardrobe was lacking something for the longest time until I built a solid foundation of key pieces for each season. This summer has been all about these 8 items that give me endless outfit ideas and now when I go shopping for trendier pieces, I keep these items in mind. Here are my top 8 summer wardrobe pieces!

My Top 8 Summer Wardrobe Pieces

  1. Classic Striped Top / Old Navy Women’s Strappy Back Striped Top: In a style that can be dressed up or down, this is a versatile piece to wear during the summer and everyone needs one in their wardrobe! I’ve got striped shirts in black and navy which is all I need since they go with so many colours. It’s such a classic look that can take me from work to after work drinks without looking too bussinessy or too casual.
  2. Summery Bag / Nine West Helena Tote: One thing I always change every summer is my bag. A brand new bag for summer is like a cherry on a sundae. It just makes sense! During the fall and winter, and even a bit through the spring, I normally carry a black or neutral coloured bag but summer is the time to switch it up with something colourful and fun. The one above is a mix of tan and coral, which is a fabulous combo, so it has a bit of my fall/winter bag personality mixed with summer in a classic shape.
  3. Stylish Hat / Forever 21 Wide-Brim Banded Straw Hat: The skin on your face first shows signs of aging and being out in the sun before any other part of the body, so keep it protected not only with a good SPF sunscreen but with a stylish hat. My hair is normally too frizzy most days to wear it down but when I do, I wear a hat, similar to this one. That way no one takes much notice to the fact that my hair is a puffball since it’s covered by something really cute!
  4. Pretty A-line Skirt / Old Navy Dip-Dye Chiffon Midi Skirt: You can’t go through summer without wearing a skirt or two. I like the classic shape of the midi skirt (like the one above) which is a length that fits just right for work and after hours. I love it because it’s classy and chic, and works on all shapes and sizes. My favourite is one with a nice pop of colour, like the one above, but I’ve also been collecting them in prints and fun styles.
  5. Cute Denim Jacket / Topshop Moto Vintage Western Jacket: I used to have a distaste for denim jackets because they reminded me of when I wore one when I was a teenager and it was always paired with similar dark wash jeans and it made me look like I had on the quintessential Canadian tuxedo. However things have changed since, and I’ve even learned of ways to pair denim together without it looking really silly, and now I can’t imagine a summer without a cute denim jacket in my wardrobe! I’ve learned to love them as much as my many blazers and have found out how versatile they are and essential for everyone to have in their closet.
  6. Fun Maxi Dress / Boohoo Avery Ruffle Neon Feather Maxi Dress: I hate feeling sticky and sweaty in the summer when I’m wearing pants, which is why I was so happy and relieved to find a great maxi dress (similar to the one above) to keep me feeling nice and breezy. I wear it all the time by switching it up by putting on a white button up on top and making it look like a skirt and changing the whole feel of it.
  7. Relaxed Denim Shorts / Gap 1969 Destructed Sexy Boyfriend Denim Shorts: We’ve all been there, struggling to find the perfect pair of denim shorts. They’re either way too tight or too short or both. That’s why once you find that perfect relaxed pair of denim shorts, don’t ever let go! I’ve got a few different washes of the same style of denim shorts because the fit and look works and they’re super comfortable and don’t expose too much skin. I like shorts that have a bit of roominess in them but are still chic, like the ones above from Gap.
  8. Chic Sandals / Rebecca Minkoff Sava Studded Jelly Sandal: In the beginning of summer, we’re all preparing to show more skin so we’re getting our manicures, pedicures and fake tans done. And you wouldn’t want to show off a great pedicure with basic looking sandals, right? Throw a little personality into the mix with a fun pair that pops and enhances a multitude of outfits, like my pick above. I find rose gold hardware on accessories like shoes flatters many colours out there but also offers something different and a little unexpected.


What do you think of my top 8 essential summer wardrobe pieces? What are your picks?! Share yours below!



12 Days of Christmas: 5 Ugly (But Cute) Christmas Sweaters!

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12 Days of Christmas: 5 Ugly (But Cute) Christmas Sweaters!

I hate to admit it but ugly Christmas sweaters are becoming a huge thing. I’m all for putting together an atrocious looking Christmas outfit for a themed holiday party but that’s where it stays! If you’re with me on that or have a thing for the trend, I’ve put together my top picks of ugly Christmas sweaters that are actually cute!

12 Days of Christmas: 5 Ugly (But Cute) Christmas Sweaters!
  1. Plush Fleece Santa Hoodie / Urban Planet / $22.00: Okay, how cute and ugly is this Christmas sweater?! I would totally wear this and most likely wouldn’t take it off because of its fleecyness and the cozy hood! Who says that the ladies can’t rock the Santa look?!
  2. Black Elf Ugly X-Mas T-Shirt / Ardene / $14.50: So this isn’t a “sweater” but if you’re looking for something a bit lighter, this ugly Christmas shirt will do the trick!  
  3. Urban Renewal Vintage Ugly Christmas Sweater / Urban Outfitters / $39.00: This red vintage sweater is actually pretty cute and gives that old school vibe that you’d probably find in a used clothing store but in brand new condition and smell-free!
  4. Christmas Tree Sweater / Party City / $24.99: Party City is coming at you with some lovely Christmas sweaters for everyone to enjoy this year. I really like the awesome Christmas tree and snowflake motif on this one that reminds me of something my mom wore in the early 90s, so it’s in other words, awesome!
  5.  Faux Real Ugly Christmas Vest / / $37.99: This number is “faux real” an ugly one! I love that it combines a montage of Christmas scenes vest with a green button up underneath, along with a nice necklace and complementing skintone! What could be better?! This is the pinnacle of ugly (so ugly it’s cute) and one that will be remembered by all for years to come πŸ˜‰

So there you have it, people! Some of the ugliest Christmas sweaters out there that are so bad, they’re good! Also, if you DID want to find something cheaper, you can always check out Value Village or another second-hand store but the offerings might be limited so you’ll probably have to dig through for a bit to find what you’re looking for. If you’re partaking in any ugly Christmas sweater parties this weekend or have gone to one recently, I’d LOVE to see what you wore so send me a picture or whatever you’ve got!

What do you look for in an ugly Christmas sweater/top? What makes an ugly Christmas sweater truly ugly to you?! Share your thoughts below!